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On the top floor of the Hotel Atlante Star is our world renowned “Les Etoiles” panoramic roof garden restaurant with unique unobstructed views of The Vatican City and surroundings.

Allow our chef to tantalize your palate with fresh and delicious local ingredients brought together with a traditional Italian cooking philosophy and an added international touch. A fine selection of top Italian regional wines is available for you to enjoy.

Rome’s most contended spot by international TV networks and film production companies for its incomparable scenic backdrop. The perfect venue for an unforgettable wedding reception or special gala event to delight your guests overlooking the Eternal City of Rome.

Celebrate Valentine's Day!

We look forward to welcome you to celebrate a special event in a special way.

Our chefs created an exclusive menu. You will taste unique dishes, but mostly you will share unforgettable moments in the most romantic atmosphere of Les Etoiles Roof Garden.

Greetings to all loving couples!

Rooftop Garden

Rooftop Garden Restaurant has been long sought after by various TV and Film production companies - with 360° panoramic views of the ancient city of Rome and the hills around it, as well as the awesome dome of St Peter's and the Vatican in the forefront, it arguably offers the greatest view of the eternal city of any hotel.

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Les Etoiles Roof Garden

This exclusive gourmet restaurant offers the valued and esteemed guests of both the Rome Atlante Garden and the Rome Atlante Star Hotels some of the most exquisite cuisine in Rome to the backdrop of arguably the finest panorama of the city.

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