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The menu of Les Étoiles Restaurant

Fresh products and breathtaking view

Les Étoiles not only offers a fine setting, but also a sophisticated cuisine. Rich with genuine local delicatessens respecting Italian and International traditions to create a unique gastronomic experience.
All ingredients are handpicked daily by our chef from local suppliers who offer genuine and fresh seasonal products.
Even our extra-virgin olive oil is picked, grinded and brought in fresh from our country estate Parco dell’Airone along the outskirts of Rome.

After a fine dining at Les Étoiles restaurant, enjoy a good wine. In our wine cellar every region of Italy is represented to match all traditional Italian cuisine.
There are wines characterized by strong personality, rare wines such as the elegant Barbaresco Gaja, the full-bodied Tuscan wine Sassicaia from the San Guido estate or the fragrant Tignanello and many more.
Our vast and always updated wine list allows us to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.


  • Marinated Croaker with citrus and pistachios of Bronte .
  • Prawns of Terracina with cherry tomatoes and Calvados .
  • Goat cheese, smoked salmon from Alaska and dill .
  • Casket of phyllo dough with smoked salmon, buffalo mozzarella and reduction of balsamic vinegar .
  • Jamón serrano ham with cheese “drunk” at Cabernet Sauvignon wine .
  • Millefeuille of sea bass with fresh mint, Tropea red onion and parmesan cheese .
  • Scallops au gratin with parsley and Parmesan .
  • Chickpeas soup with crispy bacon .
  • “Caprese “ with buffalo mozzarella and tipical ilalian tomatoes .

Pasta Dishes

  • Spaghetti with red Sicilian shrimp and black truffle from Norcia .
  • Risotto with lemon cream from Sorrento, king prawns and wild Sardinian saffron .
  • Umbrian tagliolini with turbot fish and basil .
  • Egg fettucini with lamb ragout .
  • Tagliolini pasta with four cheeses cream and black truffle from Norcia .
  • “Paccheri” pasta from “Gragnano” with artichokes, crispy bacon and pecorino cheese .
  • “Half moon ravioli” filled with goat cheese, passion fruit, raspberry a croaker ragout .
  • “Ravioli” filled with cheese and pepper with basil and tomatoes sauce .

Meat and fish dishes

  • Fillet of sea bass crusted with pistachios from Bronte .
  • King prawns of Terracina with hazelnut of the Langhe and Colonnata lard .
  • Turbot fish fillet crusted with potateos and black truffle .
  • Fillet of croaker with macadamian nuts and mint .
  • Millefeuille of turbot fish, potatoes, “Taggiasche” olives and cherry tomatoes .
  • Beef Danish fillet with balsamic vinegar reduction Modena 14 years .
  • Sliced Danish beef steak with rosemary .

Traditional Menu

  • Bucatini pasta with bacon, tomato sauce and pecorino cheese .
  • Pasta with bacon and roman pecorino cheese .
  • Pasta with bacon, eggs and roman pecorino cheese .
  • Traditional italian lasagna .
  • Pasta with black papper and roman pecorino cheese .


  • Valrhona chocolate cake with warm heart .
  • Crumbled of millefeuille with chantilly cream and chocolate flakes .
  • Apple strüdel with Madagascar vanilla ice-cream .
  • Pistachios of Bronte ice-cream .
  • Classic italian Tiramisu’ .
  • Nougat parfait.

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