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Restaurant among the stars

The menu of Les Étoiles Restaurant Roof Garden & Bar

Fresh products and breathtaking view


  • Selected raw seafood.
  • Burrata cheese from Puglia and Cetara anchovies.
  • Pumpkin flowers baked with ricotta cheese and cherry tomatoes.
  • Steak tartare with capers and dried tomatoes.

First courses

  • Spaghetti with pink prawns, buffalo "Stracciata" cheese and summer truffle.
  • Spaghetti with Sea urchins and Gobbetti, basil flavored.
  • Tonnarelli "Cacio & Pepe" with fried chicory.
  • Orecchiette with turnip greens, sausage and octopus.
  • Rigatoni in summer Amatriciana style with yellow and red cherry tomatoes.

Second courses

  • National tuna with rocket, pine nuts and flakes of Pecorino cheese.
  • Sea bass with spinach and garden roots.
  • Beef fillet, thyme roasted potatoes and mushrooms.
  • Sliced Scottona meat with buffalo "Stracciata" cheese and summer truffle.


  • Sherbets and crafts ice cream.
  • Variation of dark chocolate, pineapple and mint.
  • Fantasy of fruits.
  • White chocolate and passion fruit cheesecake.
  • Tiramisù.
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