On the top of the Hotel are the most precious gems and attractions of our structure: Roof Garden Les Etoiles, Coffee Garden La Terrazza Paradiso and the scenic and majestic Grand Place du Soleil. The Roof Garden Les Etoiles offers a luxurious and elegant restaurant, a tribute to the beauty of the city and to the taste of the guests who choose it as exclusive location..

The Coffee Garden La Terrazza Paradiso is the synthesis of a skilful composition of flowers and Mediterranean herbs, able to hit all the senses with scents and colors that change with the changing seasons. The particular structure that characterizes the coffee garden allows you to enjoy the breathtaking view of Rome.


The Grand Place du Soleil, from which you can admire a unique and fascinating view of Rome, is the perfect setting for wedding, parties and other events.
The refined and comfortable American Bar on the top floor of the hotel, will also allow guests to sip, suspended in the sky of the eternal city, sophisticated and selected cocktails..

The NY times magazine defines it “the most beautiful terrace in the world” the Paradise terrace allows you to enjoy a breathtaking 360 ° view over the Eternal City.